Are the New “Super Diet Pills” Dangerous?

The obesity epidemic has been on the rise in the United States, and for years people have been looking for a weight-loss solution. Of course, we all know that diet and exercise are key components when someone’s trying to lose weight, but many Americans seem to be hoping for an easy way out, or at least for something that can give them an edge when it comes to slimming down.

Nowhere was this desperation to find a weight-loss solution more evident than during the Fen-Phen craze of the 1990s. Fen-Phen contained a combination of fenfluramine, an appetite suppressant, and phentermine, an amphetamine. Gina Kolata, who wrote an article on Fen-Phen for the New York Times in 1997, said, “The drug combination, which seemed a magic pill for the national epidemic of obesity, soared to popularity… Eventually, an estimated six million Americans took fenfluramine or dexfenfluramine.”[i]

Fen-Phen definitely worked, but after five years on the market and a reported $200 million in profits from this “magic pill,” researchers discovered the drug was causing heart valve defects in many patients. It was yanked off the market in September of 1997, and it’s estimated that the drug’s manufacturer has paid out around 13 billion dollars in claims since then.

Ephedra-based products like the patented ECA Stack were also used by thousands of people wanting to lose weight in the ’90s and early twenty-first century, and they proved highly effective for many. However, ephedra was also banned by the U.S. government in April 2004.

Since that time, Americans have just been getting fatter. R. Morgan Griffin, a writer for WebMD®, wrote an article that stated, “The prognosis for the nation is bad and getting worse as obesity takes its toll on the health of adults and children alike.”[ii] But now a new class of super-powerful “diet pills” is making its way into the market.

These new supplements are comprised of a “Complex Phenylethylamine Provisional.” This is an amphetamine-like compound for powerful appetite control, mood elevation, and energy. The current leader in the Complex Phenylethylamine Provisional category is called BiphedAdrene™ from Generix Labs™. BiphedAdrene has set itself apart from the competition because in addition to its "Complex Phenylethylamine Provisional," its effectiveness is boosted further with the addition of an aggressive thermogenic compound designed to address fat burning and stamina.

And people aren’t just taking supplements like BiphedAdrene for their weight-loss properties. Bodybuilders actually started the Biphed trend, using it to help them shed body fat fast so they could look really cut. College students soon picked up on the trend, enjoying the quick energy Bipheds provide. And even stressed-out, exhausted suburban housewives have gotten in on the act, taking Bipheds for a mood-elevation boost and as stamina compounds to help them get through the day.

Weight-loss products like BiphedAdrene definitely get results. But are they safe? According to Tiffany Strobel, author, columnist, and beauty editor of, “They are definitely not for everyone. In fact, you shouldn’t even think about taking them if losing five or six ‘vanity pounds’ is your goal. These diet pills are intended exclusively for the significantly overweight.”

So if you’re thinking about trying a product like BiphedAdrene, consult with your health-care provider first to make sure you’re in overall good health. And if you’re just hoping to lose a few pounds, you might want to stay away from complex phenylethylamine provisionals altogether… they’re just too powerful.

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